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Several times a year we open our Heuriger. AUSG‘STECKT IS‘. The traditional straw wreath is hung out, which means: Welcome to the Ilse Mazza estate,  come on in!

At our Heuriger we serve home-made, traditional delicacies and regional specialties as accompaniment to our wines.  Out back in the garden you can enjoy the beautiful views of the sprawling vineyards of Weissenkirchen.  Should the weather not cooperate, you can retreat to our cozy tavern housed the former press-house, replete with the mighty wooden beam of the old wine-press.

In the kitchen, as well as in the cellar, we emphasize and practice the highest standard of quality and care.  A fact you surely will taste and savour while devouring a crispy, authentic Wachauer Laberl roll with your Burgteller (castle platter), and a glass of delicious Riesling Smaragd.

A glimpse into our menu:

  • Burgteller (the castle platter) - hearty fare, artfully garnished
  • Lean, or more substantial cold-cut meats, home-cured.
  • Simmered Waldviertler beef with a delicate dressing and pumkin seed oil.
  • "Waldviertler Truffles" on Styrian jus - smoked beef with soft, creamy sheepsmilk cheese, dressed with pumpkin seed oil and pumpkin seeds.
  • Platter of local, smoked fish varieties - trout, Saibling (charr) and salmon trout.
  • Various platters consisting of home-made head-cheeses, blood sausages, savory spreads, garden-fresh lettuces and delicious salads.
  • A limited, but exclusive selection of cheeses from the Alpine province of Vorarlberg; plus a variety of cheese-stuffed, pickled vegetables from regional Waldviertler cheese-makers.
  • Last but not least: homemade pastries and cakes.


Aktuelle Heurigen- termine finden sie unter Weinevents.

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