Ilse Mazza

Ilse Mazza, Cellar Master & Craftswoman in Viticulture

'Each crop is like a new child, you never know how it will develop', likes to muse the master vintner Ilse Mazza.

In 1981, at the tender age of 21 years old, she passed the master exams in viticulture and cellar techniques, and took over the family business a mere year later.  With a deft, but tender-loving hand she manages the small, but exclusive Mazza estate, situated in the historic quarter 'Auf der Burg' in the picturesque town of Weissenkirchen in the lovely Wachau valley.

She pursues her philosophy of bringing nature, human beings and craftsmanship into harmony with female determination, great skill, know-how and an unerring sixth sense.

Her fragrant, fruity and elegantly harmonic wines reflect her marvelous philosophy on life.

Die weibliche Nachfolge ist gesichert - Christine Mazza

Tochter Christine hat die Weinbauschule in Krems absolviert (2009) und dabei auch Erfahrungen im Burgenland und in der Steiermark gesammelt. 2016 hat sie dann ihren Weinbau- und Kellermeister gemacht und noch im selben Jahr den Betrieb ├╝bernommen.

Vintner with Heart and Soul

In 1982, Ilse Mazza, the youngest of three daughters, took over the parental estate.

In 1983, the young Ilse, with the impressive qualifications of master vintner and cellar master under her belt, began to self-market. She is member of the Vinea Wachau , an association of wine makers of the Wachau wine-growing region.  The joining of wine, craftsmanship and culture is the philosophy she fervently believes in and works towards.

The female continuation of the Mazza estate is secured:
daughter Christine is currently absolving her practicals in diverse wine estates in the provinces of Burgenland and Styria, and will soon be graduating from the Weinbauschule (Technical Institute of Viticulture) in Krems.

Son Sebastian is responsible for the technological aspects.